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Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge PhoneGap development services. At Reytech Infoways, we specialize in crafting applications that seamlessly bridge platforms, transcending boundaries and delivering exceptional user experiences.

What we do ?

Bridging Vision and Digital Reality

Apache Cordova, previously known as PhoneGap, is the most contemporary friendly solution to construct cross-platform mobile apps that helps to utilize audience diversity's omnipresence. PhoneGap is more like a one-stop-shop for all your smartphone app requirements, with the finest characteristics that make it the ideal architecture to work with. Reytech Infowaysoffers to create a custom mobile application for you using PhoneGap, ensuring it meets your needs.

Our end-to-end response strategy for PhoneGap app development is tailored to meet all of your future requirements. Everything from design through development and testing is handled by our team, ensuring that your app becomes a benchmark for exceptional app efficiency in your business.



Fields of Expertise

A collection of business-to-business and business-to-employee mobile applications for management and employees to use at work or on the go.


Any type of high-quality customer app that may help your business gain more visibility and revenue.



PhoneGap is adaptable and flexible because its APIs enable you to fully utilize mobile device features including the camera, gyroscope, contacts, compass, media, file geolocation, alerts, connectivity, and memory through:

  • PhoneGap Product Development
  • PhoneGap Mobile/App Development
  • Migration & Upgradation Services
  • Independent PhoneGap Testing

Our PhoneGap app developers meet with you to learn about your product vision and to figure out the best way to integrate React Native to your business goals.


Why Us

At Reytech Infoways, we are a phonegap app development company with a talented team of PhoneGap hybrid app developers that work tirelessly to ensure that our clients' needs are met. HTML.JS and CSS3 are second nature to our PhoneGap developers. To propel your company to new heights of success, it must be widely advertised so that it may benefit from the expertise of a wider range of people.

Fixed Price

When it comes to price, we are quite upfront. Build what you need according to a schedule and within your budget. Establish set pricing for your app before you begin, which you may change as required by adding or removing features.

Reliable Code

Everything is thoroughly tested to guarantee that it simply works. We use AI and machine learning to test your code. People can double it, enabling you to concentrate on improving your app rather than fretting about flaws.

Set deadlines

We keep our promises. You can keep track of your software, make changes, and seek help at any time. You have complete power over the project, such as the option to make changes or even put it on hold at any moment.

Web-based assistance

Our developers can use PhoneGap for Web to deliver your Flutter code to web browsers. We can package and deploy your existing mobile apps as PWAs without having to rewrite them.

Support for Desktop Apps

PhoneGap for Desktop assists us in compiling the code of your PhoneGap app into native macOS and Windows desktop applications. Your apps will run well on your desktop.

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