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Are long queues of customers in front of your salon fading your best customers away? Try out this tailor-made salon appointment booking.

  • Time : 4.5 Months
  • Team: 7 Members
  • Platform: Cross Platforms
  • Industry: Salon
  • Type: Booking App
  • Persona: Customer, Service Provider & Admin


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Product Development Process

In 6 Steps.

Product development is a structured process that involves turning an idea into a tangible product or service that meets customer needs.

Idea Generation &

Identify customer needs and pain points.Generate ideas for potential products or improvements.Evaluate and refine ideas based on feasibility, market potential, and alignment with your business goals.Create a clear concept or vision for the product.

Market Research &

Conduct thorough market research to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and trends.Analyze competitors and their products.Identify your target audience and create user personas. Define the product's unique value proposition and positioning.

Design &

Create detailed product specifications & requirements. Develop prototypes or mockups to visualize the product's design & functionality. Plan the user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) design. Outline the technical architecture required for development.

Development &

Begin the actual development of the product based on the design & specifications. Implement features & functionalities. Conduct rigorous including unit, integration & user acceptance testing.

Refinement &

Gather feedback from testing and user interactions. Refine the product based on feedback, making necessary adjustments and improvements. Iterate on the design, features, and functionality as needed.

Launch &
Market Introduction

Prepare the product for launch, including final testing and quality assurance. Develop a marketing and launch strategy. Create marketing materials, such as promotional content, website, and documentation.

01. Idea Identify

Wireframe & Designs

A wireframe is a layout of a product that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages. Try out this tailor-made salon appointment booking.


Ways of working.

As a result of this solution, your salon company will be more efficient from the time your clients first contact you through the time they arrive for their appointment and follow-up. With the Salon appointment booking app, they'll have a great time and you won't have to waste any time.

03. Step into Our Live World


Your salon appointment booking software should provide each client with a dedicated window via which they can access and change their account information, contact information, and payment collaterals.


Work Dynamics

The salon booking app solution includes a salon owner app as well. – The salon owner's app will display all of the salons connected to your app. This will also include the ability to easily phone or message the expert to inquire about their services, as well as individualized style advice tailored to the user's needs

Web UI/UX Design

This design aims to streamline appointment booking, enhance service discovery, and create an engaging and efficient user experience.

Apps Development

Developing a salon application involves creating a versatile and user-centric digital solution that caters to both salon clients and staff. This app facilitates convenient appointment scheduling, showcases a range of services, and streamlines the salon experience.

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