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What we do ?
Transform the face of your business with quality assured BlockChain Development services

Reytech Infoways offers complete blockchain development services that provide admission to a globe of secure, scalable, and interoperable decentralized applications. Their expertise is instrumental in assisting businesses harness the prospect of blockchain technology and solutions to acquire enhanced accountability and predictability in their functions.

As a blockchain app expansion company, SCAND confirms that the solutions provided significantly reduce cyberattacks. Their experienced team maintains deep knowledge in strengthening critical network and hardware specifications, and they excel in addressing data tampering issues by preparing robust blockchain applications. Whether companies handle numerous dealings per second or just a few, SCAND creates tailored public and personal blockchain platforms to meet their precise requirements, providing solutions punctually.

Reytech Infoways offers Blockchain Technology Consulting, NFT marketplace development, Blockchain Supply Chain Development, and Custom Blockchain App Development. They are devoted to obliging startups and established companies in leveraging dispersed ledger technology for innovative solutions today, as well as boosting its application for future improvements.



Fields of Expertise

A series of corporate mobile apps for use at work or on the move by management and employees.



Any top-notch customer application that could assist your brand gain more exposure and generating revenue.



For companies that perform numerous deals per sec or one with very few operations, we create comprehensive public and private blockchain platforms. All of our solutions are tailored to your specific company requirements and delivered on time.

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting
  • NFT marketplace development
  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development
  • Custom Blockchain App Development

Reytech Infowaysassist startups and companies in using distributed ledger for cutting-edge solutions now, as well as advancing the usage of blockchain for tomorrow.


Why Us

We use third-party blockchain software applications to create secure, scalable Blockchain Applications that may decrease losses, avoid fraud, remove expensive middleman fees, enhance domestic and international trade, transmit sensitive data, and much more in a centralized location. Further, we offer the following perks to our clients:

Development at a Low Cost

Don't spend too much money on a blockchain app. Hire a blockchain software development firm that is cost-conscious.

Round-the-clock Support

You've got us if you've got a problem. After delivery and implementation, take advantage of 24-hour support and maintenance services.


Employ blockchain engineers with experience in a variety of fields, such as healthtech, insurtech, edtech, travel & hospitality, amusement, retail, and more.

Agile Development

The comprehensive Agile development approach keeps you in the loop all through the development cycle.

Quality Assurance

Obtain information and digital identity with confidence with blockchain apps that have been rigorously examined.

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